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Welcome to the Activation

About Activation


 This powerful Light Language Activation is Part 4 of the Health and Vitality series.


 The focus of this Activation is to release


from the physical and etheric bodies

to allow space for more harmonious beliefs

and a clear path to whole wellness.

Preparing for the


Drink lots of water before and after the Activation!

  • Come with an open mind and open heart

  • Set your intentions - write it down! What are you calling in? What do you want to active? What do you want to release? What is your intention?

  • Ask for your intentions to be fulfilled "Easily and Effortlessly with no healing crisis" Say this out loud! -- To ensure that we can physically integrate the healing. To protect ourselves from activating something our body isn't ready for.

  • Print the Activation Artwork (provided below) to have with you during and after the activation. 


  • Drinking water

  • Headphones - for a fully immersive experience

  • A comfortable and quiet space where you can relax undisturbed and lay down if you want to.

  • 4 Elements: Water - a glass or bowl of water Earth - something from the earth; a plant or a stick; or a flower Air - incense, sage, a feather Fire - a candle

  • 4 crystals (type does not matter) - one for each direction (North, South, East, West)





Light language is a channeled language. 

I tap into energies that are communicated from a higher dimension; a higher consciousness. I call it "Creator of All" ; "Source Energy" and information flows from this source.

In it's physical manifestations, Light Language is a healing language that our mind doesn't understand, but it has codes that are there to release energy. It purifies the body from energy, It also has the ability to activate our bodies and mend our cells. It brings light into the body to heal the body on a cellular level. 

According to Theta Alchemy, our brains have 5 basic frequencies, that is, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

We usually use them one at a time; with one frequency in dominance, depending on the situation. In the phase of deep meditation, sleep, or hypnosis, the dominant wave is the Theta wave. Scientists have concluded that this frequency has the ability to lower stress and anxiety, lead to deep relaxation, enhance mental clarity and creativity, minimize ache, and increase euphoria.


During Theta Healing, the brain enters this wave within minutes, and the individual works with the Creator, God, or the Universe (depending on one’s beliefs). 

I combine Theta Healing with my intuitive healing abilities such as connecting through Source with Light language to bring this modality to its fullest potential.


Presented by

May Levy of

Light Scribe Art &

Deep Intuitive Healing

May is an intuitive healer and artist that channels light language from various star systems who are in full loving support for humanity’s evolution.

She  combines her intuitive abilities, her connection through Source with Light Language, and formal training in modalities such as Theta Healing, to bring all of her work to its fullest potential.

She believes anything is possible, and is devoted to her dharma, supporting humanity's evolution and ascension into 5D consciousness of love and unity.


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