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"What can I say, May, except WOW! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the most amazing activation experience ever. Your energy is powerful, strong, gentle and loving, and most of all I felt so calm and safe. I was able to release and let go of things I wasn’t even aware I was still holding on to. The light language was very calming and soothing, it felt like it vibrated through my whole body and soul. Your activation has helped me in ways you cannot even imagine. May Levy you truly are one of a kind! Big Blessings, Big Love & Big Joy!"      -  Tatijana

I had a lower back issue that was pretty much preventing me from walking properly. The pain was rather severe, almost as though my bones were knocking together everytime I took a step. I was relatively heartbroken the prior weeks and definitely had some stress stored. May had only worked on me for 40 minutes or so, and I was comfortably dancing 1 hour later completely pain free. The following days were pain free as well. She is the only one I trust working on my body! Lower back issues are typically associated with energetic stress and often the psoas in the hip. May had located a section of points along my shoulder and chest which were the actual culprit. I was thoroughly impressed with her ability to pin point the location that correlated with the back pain.

- Chris -

I had a wonderful release with May. My back was hurting because I needed to release energy stored there. I was trying yoga and other things and nothing was releasing it, because it was old trauma that was ready to be released. She helped me to process that and release it and afterwards the pain was gone.

I highly recommend a session with her. 


- Tyler Winick -

I have had many sessions with May. They have all been mind and heart opening experiences. My first session was focused on letting go of past lovers and discovering love for myself. The next session was focused on opening up my heart space and root chakras. She did this by connecting to “source” and finding all the points on my body that were blocking my energy flow. My next four sessions were focused on correcting my eyesight. She found that I had a blockage from my heart to my crown chakra that has been altering my vision. I have been without glasses for almost two months now and my vision is slowly getting better. She has a deep understanding of the spiritual realm and how to connect to powerful beings from the fifth dimension and beyond. I’m impressed everyday with the improvements she has made in my life and I can’t wait for my next session! I highly recommend a session with her if you are in need of any physical or energetic healing.

- Mattison Hallenstein -

A session with May was like nothing  I have ever experienced before. Her title “Deep Intuitive Healing”, truly does describe the experience accurately. She touched points in my body that were screaming to be touched, she touched them intuitively with pressure, and length that was spot on, incorporated vocal sounds that felt they were created for just me, and said affirmations that echod deep in my soul. The reason it is so powerful is because it is purely intuitive, it felt like she was a pure vessel for unseen beings, and my guides to work through. It was way outside of any box or format that can be taught. Her method is raw, real, and ridiculously spot on. I left feeling complete, seen, whole, and that my soul was fully welcomed into my body. I highly recommend these sessions for physical, emotional, or mental pain. Her personality is so warm, light, intimate, and playful which really assists with integrating the deep work she does. She follows up so lovingly, with tips, and tools that created powerful shifts within one’s life.


Layla Rose -

I came to May for a session after suffering for three months with very strong pain in my shoulder. My back was cramped and tight and my body movement was limited. It was a very challenging time in my life that I killed passively and was stuck in every way. And I think the back pain was actually a result of mental pain. I was one of May's first clients when she just starting practicing her intuitive skills with others. She explained more or less what the session included  but since her practice was intuitive and she just started sharing her practice with others she wasn't sure what to expect either. I explained to her what I was feeling on the physical level, I also shared it in my mental life experience at the time. We started the session and I surrendered with trust and dove deep into the experience. It's hard to say it was pleasant like a regular massage, for some moments it was even very painful. It was quite amazing to experience her accuracy in the points she touched in my body. She touched very painful points in my back that activated sensitive points in my legs. After the treatment, I felt a certain relief. May instructed me to take a hot bath once a day for the next week. From day to day the pain diminished until after a week the pain disappeared. At that time life slowly began to flow forward and today six months later my life is full and very dynamic. I believe my session with May has played a significant part in the process I went through. A healing session with May is a wonderful gift you could give to your body, which in my belief  reflects your external world. I had only one session with her and my life has shifted to exactly where I want to be. I highly recommend her.

- Chen Kliger -

For several weeks my pinky finger was hurting. Massages and fixating the finger was not helpful, The finger continued to ache. I met with May for a session to treat the pain. At the beginning of the session, May told me that during the session she vocalizes frequency sounds, “don’t mind it” she said. And the session began. I thought to myself that May would concentrate on my finger during the treatment. To my surprise, May held my finger for a very short time, and immediately began to move up my hand while pressing up to the shoulder, with the whole process accompanied by a vocal hum. When she reached my shoulder, she concentrated at a certain point on the shoulder and began to press. I asked her, why are you pressing there? And her answer, “I’m guided there”. After a few minutes of shoulder presses, May released my hand and informed me that the treatment was over and said, let me know tomorrow how you feel. After the session that day there was some relief but the pain did not go away completely. The next morning I got up, and like magic, the pain was gone. Since then, 9 months later the pain has not returned. Thank you May!

-  Joseph Levin  -

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