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My passion to contribute to the world has always inspired the paths I have forged. Discovering and exploring ancient practices and the application of merging energy through the material world has governed my work as an entrepreneur, an artist, and a healer.

I have always had an ability to connect deeply with people and the environments I find myself in. While this is for the most part a beautiful sensitivity, there was pain and heartbreak that shattered me to the core. A deeper inner journey began to unfold.


As a photographer and multimedia artist since 2011, it was at the end of 2017 that I realized something was happening. Through this inquisition, an even truer path began revealing itself as I found family and friends coming to me to help them by sharing and applying what I had learned by diving into the depths and darkness of my own healing. An awakening occurred, which if you are familiar with Kundalini and the energy serpent at the base of the spine, it’s one you can’t turn back from.


Once my world expanded, so did my tools and resources as I was in daily communication with what I consider my ‘spirit guides’ and found myself utilizing universal energy that I felt working through me and growing stronger. I learned we are responsible for healing ourselves, but it’s very difficult to do without guidance and support. My practice evolved naturally out of my enthusiasm and excitement to help others initiate and begin their own healing transformations.


Since then I have witnessed what I can only consider to be magic in the form of miracles... Resolution of unbeneficial behavior patterns, dissipation of chronic pain, increased energy, releasing of stored trauma, and balance to those experiencing stress, anxiety, doubt and fear. When we are seen, held and allowed to open up in a space free of judgement and distraction, our nervous system and our spiritual integrity are able to recalibrate and this restoration allows all things to flow naturally into place.

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