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May Levy, a gifted channel and intuitive healer, possesses a remarkable array of abilities, including intuition, clairsentience, and claircognitive psychic capabilities. Her channeling expertise extends to ancient mudras, yoga, and automatic writing, all dedicated to aiding humanity in these transformative times. In addition to her innate gifts, May has pioneered her own healing modality, the 42 Chakra Healing Program, expanding her talents globally to assist people worldwide with a groundbreaking approach to healing.

May also channels "light language," acting as a conduit for transcendent forms from benevolent star systems across the universe, sent in compassionate aid for humanity's evolution. May's journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences. Residing between the East of the globe, and the United States, her transformative journey took a profound turn in 2017 during a deep meditation, leading to a spontaneous kundalini awakening and the discovery of Lemurian and Sumerian Light language, as well as tongues from various star systems. This awakening marked the birth of her unique healing modality, "The 42 Chakra Healing Program"

May's dedication to daily meditation allowed her to integrate Kundalini energy skillfully, leading to flourishing healing abilities encompassing overtone singing, chakra scanning, light language, psychic channeling, and automatic writing. This artistic journey took an unexpected turn when ancient symbols flowed through her during automatic writing, giving rise to a new art form. Healing and art converged seamlessly, drawing a global community of kindred spirits.

Her offerings expanded to include Intuitive Chakra Scans, Intuitive Healing Sessions, Entity Clearings, Light Language Activations, Custom Channeled Tattoos, Custom Channeled Art, Theta Healing, Calligraphy Art, and Psychic Readings. May envisions disseminating Light Scribe Art worldwide, offering protection, empowerment, healing, remembrance, and activation. Her creations, designed as wearables, include apparel and accessories thoughtfully crafted to harness their healing potency.

May's vision extends to the evolution of humanity into 5D consciousness, defined by love and unity. Her Light Scribe Art carries a profound purpose—an introduction of ancient and sacred patterns engineered to elevate the human experience. Experience the transformative guidance of May's Light Scribe Art—a luminous beacon of love and profound metamorphosis—and join her on this extraordinary journey of empowerment and healing.

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