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 Using the chakra systems and divine assistance from the higher realms, May has the gift to pin point the psychological and/or physical causes leading to imbalances and blockages in the body. Using these systems and the meridians of the body as a map that reflects the history of your unique experiences relating to the physical and emotional realms, she can trace and discover the mental/physical/soul relationship that is present and required for fully integrated healing to occur. (This is called a Body Scan. Click below to learn more or to book a body scan.)

Through chakra scanning, releasing stored energy, clearing blockages, application of pressure points, massage, breath-work, light language and vocal overtones (which is a sound healing therapy unique to each individual) she then facilitates returning the body to a harmonized and integrated state of wholeness. (1:1 Healing Session)

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May is an intuitive artist that channels what has come to be known as “Light Language.” This language is a manifestation of form transduced by May from benevolent star systems across the universe sent in loving support of humanity’s evolution. 

 May was born in Houston Texas. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to the homeland of her parents - Israel. As May came of age, she entered into two years of mandatory service in the Israeli Air Force. When her stint in the military ended she set out with  . . .

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