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Understanding Light Language

What is Light Language?

Light language is the language of the soul. It's a vocal language that transfers vibration and frequency channeled from a high octave - source energy. It holds the same frequency and vibration on earth as it does in the higher planes, so healing can take place with direct source energy. Light language has the ability to manipulate energy and transform energy blocks into higher vibrations. This can release emotional blockages, bring them to the light, and transform them back to the highest dimension.

Light Language and Healing

Light language is an ancient technology that has been given to light workers and star seeds to assist with a collective planetary consciousness shift. May has been given access to these ancient codes to assist humanity on their Ascension journey. The codes she has been given have been first used in ancient Lemuria, and have been traveling with her soul evolution for many lifetimes. May also uses Lemurian crystals that hold ancient technology from Lemuria. These crystals are rare, and are found in Brazil and Columbia. May has been guided to work with these crystals to enhance the healing process. May has the gift to read Lemurian crystals codes and use them in her healing sessions. The codes are transferred through her energetically into the patient, and the results are powerful and transformational.

Learn More About Light Language

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