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May's Experience with HEALY.


Frequencies are the language of the universe and how your body, mind, and soul communicate. Everything is frequency. The Healy is a personal wearable device that analyzes over 144,000 frequencies and chooses the ones you need to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. Whatever support you need in your life, there is a Healy Program for you.

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About Healy
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A frequency is a rate that an electronic pulse or sound wave is produced. A frequency-specific microcurrent, also known as F.S.M.T. (Frequency Specific microcurrent Therapy), consists of introducing a very gentle electric current sent to the area of damaged tissue to accelerate the tissues own natural healing process. Frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy beginning to revolutionize healing.

​Using a smartphone-controlled medical device that is portable and wearable, the Healy Frequency channels low energy electromagnetic frequency within the body. The device uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate severe pain and is cost-effective and easy to monitor with the app.

How to choose
your Healy

An updated guide to the new Healy range.

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to this technology and the Healy World company.  I love this device so much because it does what I do... in a smart little device that you can use whenever you want!


It has over 144,000 frequencies that converse with your bioenergetic field. The device reads your output of frequencies, then offers intricately personalized balancing frequencies to bring your mind, body, and soul back into harmony.

Here’s my store link, let’s get you on board with ME as your sponsor!

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