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How do I sign up for the Activations?

Sign up for each activation individually via the Activations page at

If the date of the live activation has passed, you will gain access to the recording instead. YES, the recording is just as potent as the live.

How do I access the Activation after signing up?

You should receive an email upon signing up, to the email address that you submitted on the signup form. This email contains all the links you need to access the video and the landing page.

If you don't see this email, see the next question for troubleshooting.

How do I print the Activation Artwork?

After signing up, you will receive an email with the link to the "Landing Page", where you will find buttons to download the Activation Artwork. 

Clicking the "Download" button will open the image in a new window or tab. Select to print from there.

How do I get the Recording?

The recording is available via the same YouTube link as the Live, after the Live broadcast is finished. 

You can find this video link in your confirmation emails.

Should I do the Activations in order if they are part of a series?

It is best to complete Part 1 of the series first, then to go in order. If you missed a part, you can always revisit the recording. 

If you have done the series out of order, that is okay. Complete Part 1 before the next Activation in the series.

I didn't receive the info after signing up.

  1. Double check your inbox/spam : Search "Activation" + "Links" + "May Levy"

  2. Double check that you submitted the correct email address

  3. Reach out to us! - You should receive this automatically, so if you don't please let us know. Email:

What if I can't print the Activation Art?

That is totally okay! Spend some time with the Artwork before the activation with the intention of holding its presence during the Activation. Afterward, revisit the Artwork with gratitude for its presence.

If you can find a way to print the artwork after the activation, you may proceed with the instructions for it accordingly.

Is the recording as powerful as the Live Activation?

YES! It is just as potent as the Live Activation. Remember, this work is all about presence and intention. This is about you, your body, your soul, and your journey. Being present with yourself is the only requirement.

That being said, the Live Activations are lots of fun because we build community together in the chat and you are able to ask Questions or share your Experience with the community at the beginning and end!

How much time should I leave between Activations?

One week between activations is recommended.


If you choose to do Activations within days of each other, be sure to drink extra water for several days to clear out old energies and to help with integration. Allow yourself time to rest. Listen to your body and intuition.

Why is my payment not being accepted at signup?

  1. Check that you are submitting the minimum ($22 USD) or more.

  2. If using a different currency, check the exchange rates.

  3. If using CC/Debit, be sure that your card is current and all your card info is valid.

  4. If using PayPal, double check your account for disruptions.

  5. If you cannot find a resolution, send us an email at:

Why can't I access the live chat function on YouTube?

  1. Check that you are signed in to YouTube using a Google account

  2. Double check the publishing time and date of the video. Are you watching the Live Broadcast at the time it is being broadcast? Or are you watching the recording? The live chat function is not available when watching the recording.


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