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Alternative medicine has been used for thousands of years to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition through energy and intuition rather than modern medicine. You may be familiar with some of these traditional practices, like acupuncture and homeopathy. 

Deep Intuitive Healing is a form of alternative healing that focuses on releasing emotional blockages in the body, combining pressure point massage, balancing the energy channels (chakras) within the body using sound therapy like overtones and light language. Deep Intuitive Healing offers treatments for people who are looking for an alternative approach to healing their mind, body, and soul and heal from issues such as: ancestral baggage stored in the DNA,  karmic patterns, trauma in this lifetime and past lifetimes, chronic body pain, injuries, and even disease.

How Deep Intuitive Healing Sessions Work

Before the session, your healer May prepares a channeled written scan of your energetic body including a channeled hand drawn healing symbol that holds an energetic frequency designed for your healing. May shares the channeled information only after asking new clients about themselves to better understand the root cause of the issue for which they are seeking treatment. 

After completing the evaluation, May shares her channeled information to see if her intuitive messages are aligned with the customers concerns. May educate clients on what the session may include  and how to continue to clear their energy on their day to day life. The session proceeds once the client is comfortable and ready to receive treatment. Applied healing is intuitive, and varies from client to client. The session starts with clearing the energy in the space using sage and intention. We set an intention for the specific issues that need healing, and then the journey begins.

May observes the patient while scanning their chakras and meridians throughout the body. When an imbalance is detected there may be a number of techniques applied. Pressure points while singing overtones or speaking light language, clearing the energy through the breath, massage, Haa’ponopono technique, and more. May also has the ability to feel emotions that are stuck in your body and clear them by feeling them and removing the energy through her breath. The session can be done fully clothed or partially clothed and also can be done remotely or over the phone.

How Intuitive Healing Can Help

The goal of Deep Intuitive Healing is to locate the root of the issue that is causing pain or imbalance. We then provide healing and clarity to clients on the root cause of any physical or mental symptoms they are experiencing. Having that information allows them to make choices or changes to their lifestyle habits, which can help them feel more balanced and lead to a sense of wholeness and peace within themselves.

Sign Up For Intuitive Healing Today

Contact Deep Intuitive Healing if you are interested in exploring alternative healing. It could help you heal any deep rooted issues holding you back from accomplishing various goals in your life as  well as your health and mental clarity.

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