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Light Language Activation

Let us gather for this once in a lifetime portal

and  powerful activation to awaken the deepest truths within our beings.
Though the date has "passed" in this physical timeline, the energy work and portal is still and will always be active and available.

Time, in terms of energy, is infinite. 
Join us in this portal outside of space and time.

Your participation is powerful for the collective

and your contribution is everlasting.

Wavy Abstract Background

Presented by
May Levy of
Light Scribe Art &
Deep Intuitive Healing

The activation will assist in clearing blockages in the energy body, balancing chakras, upgrading the cellular structure in the body, raising your vibration, and activating your inner avatar/wisdom.

For this special and powerful session...

Activation Artwork

For the 2.22.22 Portal

Untitled_Artwork 202.jpg
Activation Art 2.22.22
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