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love & relationship
series: part 1

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As we step into a new year, brimming with fresh energy and unexplored journeys lying ahead, what better way to commence this chapter than with a profound heart purification? This serves as preparation for both our hearts and bodies, setting the stage for the profound manifestations awaiting us in the year ahead. Our hearts, the portals of love, hold the key; the higher the vibration of love, the more profound our manifestations become!

Together We Will:


Forge a connection with the divine, awakening the radiant inner Light within each of us. Our collective journey involves releasing the weight of dense manipulative energies residing within the collective consciousness, uplifting our vibrations to the realm of love consciousness. 


Focus on cleansing energy blocks embedded within our hearts. Through this process, we extend an invitation to universal light, inviting it to grace us with its presence, uplifting and illuminating the brilliance that resides within us. As our hearts align with the light of the soul, they shine forth as beacons of love, drawing in and radiating the tender vibrations that nurture all.


Free ourselves from the shackles of negativity that linger within the collective consciousness, while simultaneously elevating the vibrational frequency of our bodies. Let us empower our hearts to take the lead in their own healing journey.

Save the date, January 23, is the day the full moon portal blesses us with amplified energies. Join us as we unite in a collective blessing of the divine heart within, ushering in the long-awaited transformation we have yearned for.

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Streaming LIVE on

January 23rd, 2024 at 9:00 PM EST

Sliding Scale Donation
 - $111


An energetic exchange

is requested for this Activation.

($11 - $111)

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