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This transformative activation aims to guide you through releasing the energy of resentment, regret, rejection, and revenge, enabling you to sever ties with outdated relationships from both this lifetime and past incarnations.

Together We Will:


Delve deeply into clearing all energetic ties that no longer serve our divine hearts.


Facilitate karmic healing in past relationships, culminating the residual energy of outdated love.


Remove energy cords and clear limiting beliefs related to past bonds.


Upgrade your heart chakra with purity and divine love, establishing a new foundation for high octave love and divine alignment.

I will guide you in cutting energy cords associated with past loves, replacing lower vibrational energies with forgiveness, peace, and acceptance infused with unconditional love.

Additionally, I will offer a light language activation aimed at heart restoration after cutting cords with the past, enabling your divine heart to be receptive to new aligned divine love in your relationships.

join the

Streaming LIVE on

Friday May 3rd 2024 at 9:00 PM EST

Sliding Scale Donation
 - $222


An energetic exchange

is requested for this Activation.

($22 - $222)

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