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Health & Vitality 5 Part Series

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This powerful 5-Part series is focused on releasing emotions and lower vibrational energies from 78 organs of the body, to assist us in physical, mental, and emotional healing. May Levy utilizes light language and theta healing techniques to bring about profound change. The journey begins with an activation to release limiting beliefs around health, healing, age, and the body, so that we can allow the body to heal itself. This essential first step sets the foundation for the profound work in the following activations, where we work towards releasing more challenging, deeply set emotions as the series progresses. OVERVIEW Part 1: Releasing and replacing limiting beliefs around Healing, Health, The Body + Age. Part 2: Purifying the Organs of Rejection, Regret, Resentment + Revenge Part 3: Purifying the Organs of Fear, Anger, and Judgment Part 4: Purifying the Organs of Guilt + Shame Part 5: Purifying the Organs of Grief + Apathy. WHAT'S INCLUDED Five Activation Videos: One video for each part of the series. Videos range from 1.5 to 3 hours in length. BONUS: Healing Crisis Activation: A gentle activation that can be utilized at any time, to assist in clearing old energies and integrating the work done in the Health + Vitality series. Printable Activation Artwork: Channeled light code drawings to assist in the clearing of old energies and the integration of new energies.

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