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love & relationships
series : Part 7

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In our upcoming activation, we will delve deeper into dense energies of abandonment and betrayal. These energy prints carry weighty memories from our current and past lives, residing in the hidden depths of our subconscious minds and embedded within the cellular fabric of our bodies. They emit vibrations that obstruct the flow of divine love.


The subconscious interprets these experiences with beliefs such as: "When I feel abandoned, I am left isolated, leading me to believe it's safer to be alone than to trust in love." Similarly, betrayal sparks a fear of love, where its embrace evokes profound pain stored within our memory body.


During this activation, our focus will be on healing these concealed energetic imprints. We will meticulously unravel the shock and trauma interwoven within our memory body, liberating ourselves from past wounds. This transformative process not only brings relief from lingering pain but also establishes a new foundation of love — a harmonious bond with both ourselves and the divine. Through this journey, we will rediscover fresh perspectives on betrayal and abandonment, allowing our hearts to ascend to higher realms of love and trust.

Together We Will:


Releasing ancestral ties of betrayal and abandonment, freeing future generations from inherited burdens.


Dissolving the lingering shock and trauma linked to these experiences, restoring emotional equilibrium.


Reclaiming lost soul fragments affected by past traumas, and integrating them with compassion and healing.


Strengthening our innate trust and confidence in ourselves and the divine, nurturing a revitalized foundation within our subconscious.

Join us on this journey of transformation as we continue to elevate your heart and soul to new heights!

join the

Streaming LIVE on YouTube

Saturday June 29th 2024 at 9:00 PM EST

Sliding Scale Donation
 - $222


An energetic exchange

is requested for this Activation.

($22 - $222)

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