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A Light Language & Theta Healing Activation

Experience the Activation

Recorded Live on YouTube  
November 11, 2022 


By Sliding Scale Donation of $22 - $222


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This incredibly powerful, deep reaching Light Language and Theta Healing Activation is for the healing and harmonization of one's experience as a fetus in the womb of their mother.

I am guided to do a powerful activation on this ancient sacred land - the big island in Hawaii - on the Lemurian grid where the Lemurian codes are alive and powerful; Utilizing the codes of Ancient Lemuria and the life force of the lava of 3 active volcanoes. Through channeled light language and divinely guided energy work, I will connect these potent Lemurian codes and powerful life force of Mother Earth, to the umbilical cord of our fetus in the womb of our own mother, pre-birth. I will be using the energy of the lava to purify any shock and trauma we had during our mother's pregnancy that we are holding from our fetus' experience in the womb.

Theta Healing downloads will be offered to supply nutrients, minerals and to balance serotonin levels through light language, to bring health and healing to each of us, as a fetus and to our bodies as we are today.

The fascination of this work is that on a quantum level there is no time and space. TIME IS AN ILLUSION  and we can time travel to the womb of our own mother and connect to ourselves as a fetus using our consciousness with the Theta brainwave to bring powerful transformation into our present lives today.

This Activation rewrites our DNA and cellular energy, emanating into our current lives, and integrating us with our highest potential timeline. Miraculous discoveries, resolutions, and peace are entirely possible and within reach. Most people will find that they feel more peace within their self and with their caretakers.

Key points of energy clearing in the womb include:

  • clearing negative arguments between the parents outside the womb

  • separating our own emotions from our mother

  • releasing energy of regret, resentment, regret

  • releasing shame and fears

  • disconnecting from any other energies in the womb in cases of twins or miscarriage.

We will be using the energy of the lava to purify the fetus, from any and all toxins consumed by the mother during pregnancy. Especially powerful for those of us from mothers affected by poor diet, medications, substance abuse or alcoholism; Or by mental or emotional health challenges during, before, or after pregnancy and birth.

Individual and community support will be available following the activation, for anyone that feels called to reach out for guidance and love during the integration of this work. 

To do this work is an act of courage and of unconditional love. When one person embarks on a journey of healing, they are serving not only themselves, but also the souls of any other individuals connected within their experience. In this case, with one's mother, parents, or caretakers; but could have lasting effects that harmonize relationships with other family members and friends, or even with circumstances in our lives that once felt unrelated.

By showing up in authenticity, you are also encouraging others to heal and grow parts of themselves, which in turn heals and encourages growth within the entire collective.

In highest gratitude for your presence, with blessings to your journey and blessings to your soul,

-  May Levy

Recorded Live on YouTube  on  November 11, 2022 

By Sliding Scale Donation of $22 - $222

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