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In this sequence, we delve deep into the intricate realms of abandonment and betrayal. These dense energies, etched into the tapestry of our existence across lifetimes, reside within the recesses of our subconscious and echo through the very essence of our being. They create barriers that hinder the natural flow of divine love, weaving beliefs of isolation and fear into our souls.

We will unravel these hidden imprints with meticulous care and profound intention. Through a process of healing and liberation, we will untangle the shock and trauma woven into our memory body, offering solace and renewal. This journey is not merely about releasing past wounds but forging a new foundation rooted in love — a harmonious union of self and the divine. 

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How to prepare

  • Come with an open mind and open heart

  • Set your intentions - write it down! What are you calling in? What do you want to active? What do you want to release? What is your intention?

  • Ask for your intentions to be fulfilled "Easily and Effortlessly with no healing crisis" Say this out loud! to ensure that we can physically integrate the healing. To protect ourselves from activating something our body isn't ready for.

  • See the Art Activation and print it to have with you during the activation. 

what to bring

  • Drinking water

  • Headphones: For a fully immersive experience

  • A comfortable and quiet space where you can relax undisturbed and lay down if you want to.

  • 4 Elements:

    • Water - A glass or bowl of water

    • Earth - Something from the earth; a plant or a stick; or a flower

    • Air - Incense, sage, a feather

    • Fire - A candle

  • 4 crystals (type does not matter) - one for each direction (North, South, East, West)

activation faq's

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Instructions for Artwork Part 7.png
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