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Solar Eclipse


"Blessings of the Sun" is a powerful Light Language and Theta Healing Activation that is designed to harmonize and balance the energies of the masculine and feminine within us, harmonizing the inner union and bringing these polarities into alignment.


This activation will take place right around the time of the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse and will allow us to utilize the eclipse energies of the the Sun and Moon during the activation and in the following integration period.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and moon. It is a time of powerful energy shifts and transformation. During this time, the sun and moon are in opposition, highlighting the polarities of masculine and feminine energies. The lunar eclipse is an ideal time to harness the heightened energy and transformative power of the celestial event and work towards balancing these polarities within ourselves.

During this activation, we will utilize Light Language, a powerful form of energetic communication that transcends language barriers and taps into the universal language of the soul. The activation will work to clear any blockages in the energetic body that may be preventing the flow of energy between the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, promoting greater balance and harmony.

Theta Healing will also be incorporated into this activation, using the theta brainwave state to access the subconscious mind and identify and transform any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be contributing to an imbalance in our masculine and feminine energies.

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