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In this activation, we will utilize the techniques of Theta Healing and Light Language to connect directly into the heart center of the our inner child, where we can clear outdated beliefs of abandonment, betrayal, and neglect.


We will also remove stored shock and trauma from the inner child,

clear any collective inner child trauma, and eliminate any negative emotions or beliefs that may be holding us back. We will replace those old wounds with the energy of unconditional love, protection, safety, and security.


This will serve to heal not only ourselves, but also our ancestors and the collective, from inner child wounds. 


Open hearts can change the world, and when we open them together, the effect on the collective is brilliant. We can heal the earth we walk upon. So, within, so without.


By healing our inner child, we can unlock new levels of creativity, joy, and personal power. We can reclaim the innocence and playfulness that may have been lost over time and cultivate a greater sense of self-love and compassion.


Join me in this transformational experience and allow yourself to receive the healing and growth that your inner child deserves.


In love & light,



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