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Personalized light language art with special light codes channeled just for you.

About May

The unique piece of artwork that is channeled and created specifically for you, embodies the divine energy that is aligned with your soul and intention. 

You may communicate how you wish to connect with the artwork, what you want it to symbolize, or where you intend to place the art. 

May focuses on your intentions while connecting with divine consciousness to channel and create the artwork. 

May Levy is an intuitive artist that channels what has come to be known as “Light Language.” This language is a manifestation of form transduced by May from benevolent star systems across the universe sent in loving support of humanity’s evolution. 


I am requesting the following Service

Thanks for requesting a custom art piece!
You will be contacted via email.

Example Design

to show scope of complexity

Request Form

A Custom Channeled Art Piece for a Soul flame couple

Once your request and monetary exchange are received, May will channel the light codes and designs that embody your intentions for the art. She will then create the artwork that is meant for you. 

Your artwork will be sent to you via the email address provided within 30 days of your request. The file you receive will be 3MB.

If you would like a physical print of your channeled artwork, you can place an order by emailing us at

Prints can be created on paper, metal, wood, or canvas, and can be ordered with a frame and/or hanging apparatus. Prints are shipped globally.

How It works

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