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Laetitia van Vuuren - Entity Clearing

  • 56Weeks
  • 10Steps


Welcome to your specialized Entity Clearing Program, meticulously designed to address a specific purpose: the removal of entities from your energy body. This program is tailored to your unique energetic composition, based on the results of your channeled energy body scan. Our journey together revolves around a focused 90-day process, aimed at dissolving and releasing any unwanted attachments that may have taken root within your energetic sphere. This supportive and transformative experience empowers you to restore your energetic equilibrium and free yourself from any influences that no longer serve your highest well-being. You will be guided through ways to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your energy body, while learning techniques for the protection of your newly restored energetic balance. INCLUDED: * Energy portal drawing * Specific entity clearing sigils * Home purification activation drawing * Prayers for clearing entities * Nighttime protection prayer * About Entity Clearings : An Information Booklet (PDF) * Purifying bath recipe * Dedicated 1:1 Support *** FREE : Follow up Energy Scan *** *** Exclusive discounts & coupons *** The path to renewed vibrancy and vitality awaits you as we embark on this journey of clearing and liberation together.

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