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Welcome to an art collection meticulously crafted to nurture and facilitate healing in areas of your life seeking rejuvenation. Curated by May, delve into a selection of 11 exquisite pieces intricately woven with the latest light codes. These codes, seamlessly integrated into each layer of art, are designed to ignite and awaken the energy within your surroundings and being. Explore and choose from May's latest creations, each intended to resonate and amplify the healing energies within you and your space.


This is a pineal gland detoxifier. This will remove toxic form around the pineal gland. Place in the bedroom for best results. 

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Pineal Detoxifier - Shukaraya_edited.jpg


Light language is a channeled language. May taps into energies that are communicated from a higher dimension; a higher consciousness. She calls it "Creator of All That Is" or  "Source Energy" and information flows from this source.

In it's physical manifestations, Light Language is a healing language that our mind doesn't understand, but it has codes that are there to release energy. It purifies the body of energies, and has the ability to activate our bodies and mend our cells. It brings light into the body to heal the body on a cellular level. 

Light Language communications come in many forms including vocalizations, mudras (hand movements), writings, and drawings. If you have met with May before, you may have noticed that she utilizes many of these modalities in her Intuitive Healing and Theta Healing Sessions.  You can also see this work in her monthly Activations, available on her YouTube channel.

The Great Awakening. 

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